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>> many pharmacies and clinics are running out of vaccinations. >> everywhere i've been they're out of the vaccine. that's frustrating. vice president joe biden is expected to recommend new gun control measures on tuesday. >> do you think an assault weapons ban can pass the congress? >> no. >> do you think it should? >> no. unusual weather across the country. arctic air is putting california crops at risk and this cold snap could drive up grocery prices. >> everybody in the citrus business right now is worried. best motion picture drama. the golden globe goes to "argo." >> best director, ben affleck. "argo." >> thank you all very much. >> i just have a sudden urge to say something that i've never really been able to air in public. i am single l. residents of newtown, connecticut, are facing a decision one month after the shooting. should the building be torn down? people are hunting pythons in florida.
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they can win prizes called the python challenge. >> we're poking and hoping. >> all that -- and it is good! and the atlanta falcons will play in the nfc championship game. what a catch! vereen has his third touchdown. >> ravens will be coming in to take on the patriots for the afc championship. and all that matters. >> he described you, your words, not mine, as -- >> his words. >> as one tough bitch. >> yeah. >> on "cbs this morning." >> meryl streep is not here tonight. she has the flu. and i hear she's amazing in it. welcome to "cbs this morning." new figures show the united states flu outbreak has reached a point of epidemic. new york is the latest state to declare a public health emergency. >> that's right.
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the cdc reports this morning that 47 states now have widespread flu outbreaks. the only states that don't are california, mississippi, and hawaii. elaine quijano is at st. luke's roosevelt hospital in new york city. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you're waking up in the west there is good news in california. the number of flu cases there have been minimal. here in new york state, some 20,000 cases have been reported so far with more than five times as many as last year. the nationwide reach of this year's flu epidemic can be blamed on its early start. >> the earlier the flu season starts, the worse it becomes because it usually rolls through all the holiday madness, and that involves a lot of people. so the spread is like a chain lever. it's exponential. >> reporter: of 135 million doses of flu vaccine manufactured this season 128 million have been administered. as word spreads about the severity of this year's outbreak, the lines for those remaining doses are long.
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>> i couldn't get one because they said i was too young. >> reporter: 20 children have died from influenza nationwide. in new york governor andrew cuomo declared a public health emergency, allowing pharmacists to administer the vaccine to children as young as 6 months old. >> there has always been the recommendation to vaccinate children 6 months and older. it's just that now pharmacies may be able to dispense the vaccine. the decision was made because there is an epidemic and children are very vulnerable. >> reporter: the germ is easy to spread. dr. len horovitz says all it takes is a sneeze. >> if someone sneezes within six feet of this desk and the virus lasts for up to two days. i can touch it. it's okay to touch it. but i must wash my hands before i touch my face or i can introduce the germs into my body and get the flu. >> reporter: and any public service can hold remains of the bug. >> i never thought about the gas
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pump. i would imagine it's pretty dirty. >> reporter: after the governor's announcement, officials in new york say some pharmacies and health services ran out of the vaccine. in california there is no flu vaccine shortage, and officials are telling people to get vaccinated. as congress returns to work today, there's signs that lawmakers and the president are not finding much common ground on gun control. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. the white house has just announced president obama will hold what the white house describes as the last press conference of his first term in just over an hour in the east room here at the white house. many issues face the president, but he's going to focus in his opening remarks on the debt ceiling. of course, also gun control and the chuck hagel for defense secretary nomination might come up. after a week of white house gun violence meetings, it's not clear if the president will seek to reinstate a ban on assault style rifles. even if he does opposition is hardening. >> do you think an assault weapons ban can pass the
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congress? >> no. >> do you think it should? >> no. >> reporter: west virginia democrat joe manchin, who sounded open to new gun control measures immediately after the newtown massacre now wants a slow moving washington commission. >> if you just want gun bans you're wrong. >> what do we need? >> we need a comprehensive approach. >> reporter: with sales of firearms that congress might ban now sky rocketing, a top senate democrat called for a voluntary moratorium. >> if we continue to see nearly 80,000 gun sales each month in states all over the country, it's going to be counterproductive to whatever solution we will implement. >> reporter: the new york legislature sped towards passage of a tough new assault weapons ban. a move more states may copy as similar efforts stall in congress. >> thank you, mr. president. >> reporter: another uphill fight, the hagel nomination. democrats still question hagel's support for israel and earlier opposition to unilateral sanctions against iran. >> i am not comfortable yet.
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i want to ask him questions about those two issues. >> reporter: and a new issue. hagel's reputation as a hot head. >> there are numbers of staffers who are coming forth now just talking about the way he has dealt with them. i have certainly questions about a lot of things. >> reporter: hagel did receive support from defense and diplomatic heavyweight colin powell. >> this is a gentleman who knows all of these issues in depth. he is a fellow who speaks his mind. he sometimes gets in trouble with those who think he should not speak his mind, but he says what he believes, and he sticks with it. >> reporter: after the president's news conference, he'll sit down for lunch here at the white house with vice president biden, where the two will discuss the gun violence recommendations the vice president will formally present to the president tomorrow. after that meeting, the vice president will meet separately with house democrats to discuss gun violence and the politics surrounding the white house push. >> major garrett, thanks. this morning at 8:15 pacific time, president obama will hold the final news conference of his
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first term. cbs will bring it to you live. with us now, one of the newest senators angus king of maine. senator, welcome to the broadcast. good to see u >> thank you. good morning. >> what do you think the confirmation of chuck hagel depends on? >> i think it depends on vincing the number of members of the senate particularly senator schumer, that he's got a balanced approach to the middle east, that he has the right temperament, the right background. i think -- i start with the premise that he's the president's nominee for the president's cabinet. i have a different standard. i think the president -- there's a presumption that the president should be able to appoint his own people. judges are a little different because that's lifetime tenure. that continues into a different presidency. but i think it's going to depend a lot on conversations that chuck -- that chuck hagel has over the next couple of weeks. i'm reserving judgment myself. i'm on the armed services committee and will hear the nomination. i'm going to have some
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questions. i will probably be meeting with him later this week, and i want to understand where he's coming from. but he's a solid guy with a lot of strong support, and the other thing i want to listen to is from people who have worked with him over the years, other ambassadors, people like colin powell. >> let's turn now to the issue of gun control legislation. as you know, vice president biden is going to be delivering his recommendations to the president tomorrow. do you think anything gets passed out of congress in the end? >> i think something probably will. it's a little hard to tell now. i'm not even sure whether -- it's very interesting that vice president biden last week when he was sort of giving a preview, did not mention an assault weapons ban. now, it may be in the recommendations ultimately. but i -- >> would you support mandatory background checks? >> i think mandatory background checks and also stronger penalties for people that lie on background checks. i think we have to broaden the -- we have to do something about the so-called gun show loophole where people don't have to do background checks.
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broader background checks, it's really got to be a comprehensive policy i think. but the biggest issue, to me is size of the magazines. that's sort of the common thread that connects a lot of these massacres. the assault weapons ban is a tough one because it's hard to define what an assault weapon is, and if we're just defining it by what it looks like that doesn't do much for me. i'm much more interested in the functionality and whether that's really a different weapon than my buddy's semiautomatic hunting rifle. >> maine has what kind of gun control laws and do they work? >> they do work but i think it's part of the culture. maine is one of the highest gun owning states in the country with one of the lowest gun crimes because we have a long history of hunting and firearm use and care and training and all of those kinds of things. for example, if you go hunting in maine you can't have more than a five bullet magazine in
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your rifle. i've talked to some friends in the gun community in maine. they call that the fair chase rule. >> can i ask you just quickly too about the debt ceiling? we're approaching that. we heard from the obama administration they have no backup plan if congress does not raise the debt ceiling, and the head of the house republican conference kathy mcmorris rogers says i think it's possible we should shut down the government to make sure the president understands we're serious. what do you think of that kind of talk? >> that's a terrible statement to make. shutting down government is different. now, we've got to be clear here. there's shutting down government in a budget fight. that's one thing. that's okay you can argue about that. the debt ceiling however is messing around with the full faith and credit of the united states. it would be bad for the economy when we played that game of russian roulette back in august of 2011. you could see the economy decline. you could see job creation going away. i'm with newt gingrich on this one. newt gingrich had taken a strong position that we should not use, that the republicans should not use the debt ceiling as leverage
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in this cutting spending. let's use the continuing resolution. let's use the sequester, but don't use the debt ceiling. that's a bad idea. >> president said he won't negotiate on the debt ceiling. >> i think he's right on that. >> senator, thank you. good to see you. >> thank you. nice to see you all. and we spoke to supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. she spoke with scott pelley about her new york city home and reputation as a tough corporate lawyer. >> you write in your book that one day one of the associates one of your colleagues was on the telephone, and he described you, your words, not mine as one tough -- >> his words. >> as one tough bitch. >> yeah. >> and when you heard that, you thought what? >> what in the world is wrong with me? i was a pretty tough negotiator and hard to push around and i
7:12 am
don't think they were used to my kind of toughness then. >> is his description in any way unfair? >> probably not. >> she's been called a lot of things, but she told us more than madam justice, she prefers another title. >> it's sonia from the bronx. >> what does it mean to be sonia from the bronx? >> hi. >> it means to be a part of this particular community. >> how are you? a vibrant, loving giving community. it's something very special. >> and justice sotomayor's new memoir, "my beloved world" goes on sale tomorrow. it will be published in english and spanish. charlie, it's a very revealing biography. >> she just sounds good when she talks about herself. she puts that into a book, it will be good. >> very good. >> sonia from the bronx.
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"argo" and "les miserables" won the top award at golden globes but also the oscars are still a wide open race. as john blackstone reports, hollywood's first big awards show of the year balanced surprises and humor. >> meryl streep is not here tonight. she has the flu. and i hear she's amazing in it. >> reporter: the golden globes have a reputation as the most party-like show of hollywood's awards season. where else can presenters like kristin wiig and will ferrell act as though they have no idea what they're doing. >> jennifer lawrence oh my gosh. love jennifer lawrence. >> j. law. >> and the stars be happy about it? >> my like seventh grade teacher started calling me j. law. to hear will ferrell say it was pretty incredible. >> dinner with the adequate beverages. >> it's a help. >> absolutely. it takes the edge off. >> more than any other awards show, the golden globes here at the beverly hilton hotel has a reputation for memorable
7:14 am
moments. this show was no different. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: from a nearly speechless adele winning for best song for the james bond film "skyfall." to bill clinton coming on stage to present a clip from the film "lincoln." it seemed like everyone in the audience was surprised. >> what an exciting special guest. that was hillary clinton's husband. >> reporter: did the folks at the "lincoln" table know? >> a couple of them. i didn't know when though. it still was amazing because, even knowing it it still was amazing. >> i'm just going to put it out there, right? loud and proud right? >> reporter: in the most emotional speech of the night, jodie foster alluded to her sexuality, saying she came out years ago to friends and family but made a plea for privacy. >> if you had been a public figure from the time that you were a toddler, if you had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds then maybe then you
7:15 am
too might value privacy above all else. >> jodie foster's speech was mind blowingly beautiful. >> reporter: backstage the night's winners said they understood foster's desire for privacy. >> because our job is to transform and to play all different kinds of characters i believe it's my job to try to stay as private as possible. so i really connected to that part of her speech. >> "argo." >> reporter: in the case of "argo," winning is the best revenge. not only did the film win best drama but ben affleck won for best director after being passed over in the oscar nominations. affleck didn't seem too upset. >> to frame it as being about like the nomination i didn't get, like i also didn't get the acting nomination. notice no one was saying i got snubbed there. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, beverly hills. >> that's pretty good. >> you know who was really good were the hosts? >> tina fey. >> knocked it out of the park.
7:16 am
>> knocked it out of the park women power. everybody wants them now to host the show. >> very very funny. >> huge fans of both of them. >> it is time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. britain's guardian says french forces are attacking muslim extremists in northern mali. france launched its first attacks on friday. french fighter jets pounded rebel camps again this morning. newtown, connecticut residents are discussing the fate of sandy hook elementary school, where a month ago today a gunman killed 20 students and 6 staff members. in a meeting yesterday, some residents said they wanted the school demolished. others said the school should be renovated by saves. "q" the boston globe said m.i.t. is examining aaron swarts, who committed suicide on sunday. he was scheduled to go on trial with charges of hacking documents through m.i.t.'s computer network. and "the wall street journal" says the obama administration is planning to push for a comprehensive
7:17 am
overhaul of immigration laws that would include a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. the president is expected to tout immigration reform in his state of the union address which is scheduled for next month. "the sacramento bee" says many workers were surprised to see higher payroll taxes in the first paycheck of the year. it shrank take home earnings bys by 2% or more. a temporary cut in social security and medicare taxes expired as part of the fiscal cliff compromise. and sunny california has turned into shivering california. frost and freezing temperatures are blanketing the state for the fourth night in a row. so far, citrus growers say they protected their crops using water and heaters. no significant crop damage is reported. overnight temperatures in los angeles over the weekend were in the 30s and in the 20s near san francisco. that's why everybody was cold. >> and we were that's why i love the weather. it's always strange.
7:18 am
and it is very cold out there right now. in fact, chilly temperatures in the bay area in the 20s and the 30s. we're currently under a freeze warning at this time. nice and clear. that cold air setting overhead freeze warnings up in many of the valleys. temperatures these numbers in the 20s and 30s. by the afternoon, highs only expected to be in the 40s and 50s. >> announcer: this national weather report by green mountain coffee. brew a better day.
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the l.a. coroner's office is releasing a new report on natalie wood's death, saying it may not have been an accident. this morning former lapd insider john miller has exclusive details that could change everything. and lance armstrong says he's at ease and ready to speak candidly about his longstanding doping allegations. but if he admits cheating how will that help him? >> a lot of damage has been done that an apology and confession on "oprah" is not going to take back. >> the potential interview with oprah winfrey ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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emily blunt. >> emily blunt. >> "salmon fishing in the yemen yemen". >> always beautiful, always amazing. >> when the salmon comes out. >> and the bad guy. >> and the bad guy comes and the salmon is like -- >> and you're in yemen. >> and you're in yemen. >> and judi dench. where did she come from? i -- >> you've got to love will ferrell. >> oh, my gosh. absolutely. and speaking of hollywood, a bombshell is expected this morning. the investigation of natalie
7:25 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. later today oakland city officials are expected to announce a new plan to deal with gun violence after a number of weekend shootings that included four killings in the city. one person is being treated for smoke inhalation and burns on an arm after an apartment fire in berkeley this morning. no word on the cause of the fire on acton street. san mateo has a special public hearing tonight on the feat of a 7-eleven store that opened a couple of weeks ago. neighbors complained about the special rezoning that allowed the store to open up in a vacant building. >> traffic and weather coming up.
7:26 am
good morning. if you're coming down the eastshore freeway, westbound 80 approaching cutting, we have an
7:27 am
accident blocking at least one lane. you can see that it's stacked up in the area as far back as hercules. a live look westbound 237 that silicon valley commute brake lights from milpitas to zanker road. that drive time in the yellow. and to update you on this problem spot in walnut creek southbound 680 approaching treat boulevard still slow but the accident has been cleared. here's lawrence. >> all right. it is cold outside around the bay area. chilly temperatures now 20s and some 30s at this hour. the sun just about to come up on this very cold start to the workweek. freeze warnings now in effect in most of the valleys. it looks like things stalling out though toward the afternoon. we are going to need it. 20s and 30s right now. by the afternoon highs only in the 40s and 50s. warmer weather is on the way. maybe even spring-like by wednesday.
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your new miss america is miss new york. >> and there's your new miss america. 23-year-old megan from alabama who moved to brooklyn five years ago. for winning, she gets a $50,000 scholarship. welcome back to "cbs this morning." congratulations to her and good news for new york. all right. now to this story. the investigation of natalie wood's death was reopened more than a year ago and now it has taken a serious turn. the l.a. coroner's office is expected to return a new report today saying the original autopsy may be wrong and wood may not have died in an accident. senior correspondent john mill and former cia deputy commissioner has the story. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news the 1981 coroner's report
7:30 am
raises questions about every major finding that led investigators to originally conclude that natalie wood's death was an accident. sources say the report that bruising on the actresses wrists, knees, and ankles could be more consistent with injuries from an assault than they were struggling to climb back on a boat. wood died on november 28 1981 when according to her husband, actor robert wagner she fell off their yacht, the 60-foot "splendour" possibly while trying to retie a din g hi banging off the side of the boat disturbing her sleep wood's death was rule and accidental drowning but in 2011 los angeles sheriff's detectives reopening the case after the skipper of the boat dennis davern wrote a book and gave a different account. >> i believe that robert wagner was with her up until the moment she went into the water.
7:31 am
>> reporter: davern said there was arguing on the yacht, a fight between the actor and christopher wall ken in which a bottle was thrown. after wood went to bed, a loud argument and parent struggle heard from her cabin. >> the fight went to the back of the boat and then it was quiet. >> reporter: davern also said he waited for hours before calling for help. last year the coroner's office changed the cause of wood's death from accident to undetermined. it remains to be seen if this new information will lead to criminal charges. >> john miller's here. so how significant is this and what could it change? >> it could be very significant because it shows that the coroner is now going down the same path as the sheriff's homicide investigators, which is they have real questions about the circumstances of natalie wood's death or that it should have ever been labeled an accident based on the medical accident. now, the sheriff's working with the evidence of the
7:32 am
investigation, and so far those vent come together but i think what you're going to see is more impetus for the sheriff's homicide investigation to go forward. >> we asked you, you know, is this a big deal and you've said it i. you've talked to people who have read through the whole report and their reaction has been what about some of the revelations we're going to learn? >> basically we're going to learn this is not a new autopsy. it's an old autopsy with a supplemental report where the current coroner basically calls into question every finding that ruled it an accident. and when you take the circumstances as we've now come to learn them, natalie wood was you know in her night gown in bed. she supposedly goes out to retie this dinghy. she can't swim. it's dark. she's afraid of the water. it's unlikely she would have done that especially if the captain was there, the skipper and she could have told him do that. >> specifically what are the
7:33 am
things in the report that are raising question? >> the e locations and shapes and sizes of bruises are arguably more due to being restrained or defensive wounds than they are with trying to climb back onto a dinghy that you were clinging on to that night. and due to the fact there were over 200 boats. only one person has ever said they heard her calling for help while she was supposed to be drowning. >> on questions of bruises, why didn't they get that in the first report. >> well, that's the million-dollar question, charlie, which was, did they mail it in. >> was this a thing where you had a big hollywood star there, people who wanted to avoid bad publicity, and you didn't have a smoking gun murder and they just, you know gave it a once-over. but i think the signal we're going to get when this report is released later today that they concluded too fast. >> so is the suggestion that she
7:34 am
may have been killed before going overboard? >> i think that the overarching suggestion from the observations made in the supplemental are going to be that she was already unconscious in some likelihood when swhenlt into the water, which suggests -- i mean it raises the possibility. >> how did she get in the water. >> certainly raises the possibility she had some help getting there and when you're unconscious, we call that suspicious. >> all right, john. thank you. many nfl fans saying this was the best playoff weekend in years. we'll talk about that with james brown on nfl today and see who's favored to get to super bowl xlvii. that's next on "cbs this morning." i'm ben tracy. you've seen plenty of dancing on a dance floor but what
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good hold. and it is good! >> this weekend's nfl playoff games were filled with last-minute heroics and even a double overtime upset that knocked out peyton manning in denver. now only four teams are left. atlanta, san francisco, new england, and baltimore. james brown, host of nfl today on cbs is here. good morning. >> every time i hear that name i want to dance across the floor. i know i couldn't do it. i couldn't do it back then. i can't do it now. >> you have to be brilliantly smart by what happened over the weekend. >> great weekend. some of the best football i've ever seen. i've been doing it for 25 years. certainly the game we had, fourth longest playoff game in history was simply awesome. >> is the biggest story kaepernick as the san francisco quarterback and the heroic game and peyton manning and the game
7:40 am
he had, which was not heroic? >> on opposite ends. colin kaepernick, he represents the new breed of quarterback. a very mobile quarterback. one who's dangerous. he can pass play the pocket game too. but here if he finds the seam, he's not looking for 5 or 10 yards. s he's going for 40 or 50. >> do you think he was the most impressive performance over the weekend? >> oh, unquestionably. there were some good ones. russell westbrook for seattle. but right now colin kaepernick is playing dangerous football. >> let's talk denver and peyton manning and the defense which allowed that score. >> look. put it in perspective. peyton manning mvp, caliber season coming off four neck surgeries. no question he is the mvp. he made uncharacteristically three mistakes. the interception he threw at the
7:41 am
end of the game. running right, trying to throw across his body a very difficult throw. and defensive denver. you're ahead. you don't let a player get behind you. you need to keep everything in front of you. that was a crucial mistake. >> also the quarterback for the ravens. >> joe flacco. >> he's investigate a very good arm. >> you know what? that's a very great story line coming into the season. he had his last year of his contract to seen a very lucrative contract. he said let me roll the dice. you know what? he's going to be paid some big money at the end of the season. he's looking good. >> how about that moment with peyton and ray lewis? >> that was outstanding. two future hall of famers at the end. peyton waited 90 minutes after the game to get with him. >> and is this payton's little boy here? >> i say this lovingly. we say, look at the head on that
7:42 am
young man. of course, he's just like his dad. of course. that is peyton. >> let's talk about next week into the super bowl. have you got any predictions. >> you know what? we just want the best teams that are playing well. new england peaking at the right time. they're the closest thing to a dinety in a designed era of pair dodd in the national football leechlg john madden always said the game is the thing. if the game is good we'll be happy. >> we we'vet the patriots versus the ravens. >> yeah. and the ravens are not nervous at all. they go into new england with a swagger. >> so now lewis will have an opportunity to do with brady what he did with manning. >> you know what? speaking of such before we go? we know that football mirrors life and i hope we have this tape ready. i guess you would be tom brady if you will and gayle would be adrian peterson. norah, this is my first time seeing norah in person. we did it before. norah back in elementary school.
7:43 am
the guys are chasing her. thank god she's on our team. >> so happy you had that footage. thank you, my friend. >> i love that girl. j.b., thank you. all right cbs sports will bring you the afc championship game. baltimore at new england this sunday at 6:30 eastern time. and, of course you can watch super bowl xlvii where? right here. right, j.b.? >> absolutely. >> on cbs broadcast live from jackson square in new orleans
7:44 am
lance armstrong has always denied being a cheater. this morning he's promising to tell oprah winfrey the truth. we'll show you a history of denials and what he hopes to gain from this interview. that's next on "cbs this morning." special, with fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food. mornings are delicious protein rich entrees with garden veggies and egg. fancy feast mornings. the best ingredient is love. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast i need all the help i can get. i tell them "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks -- [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast
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7:48 am
after many years of strongly denying he ever took performance-enhancing drugs, lance armstrong is expected to change his story today. as lee cowan reports he's ready to speak candidly with oprah winfrey today about the long string of doping allegations against him. >> reporter: like him or not, there's one thing you can always sayarmstrong. he was consistent. from day one he never wavered from his steadfast denial. >> i have never doped. i can say it again. i have said it for seven years. it doesn't help. >> reporter: steroids nope blood boosters don't take them he said. performance enhancers of any kind. no way. or so his story line went for a decade. >> extraordinary accusations must be followed up with extraordinary proof, and they have not come up with extraordinary proof. >> reporter: tell called the
7:49 am
doping investigations a witch hunt claimed cycling's governor body unfair and becamed his accusers as a bunch of liers. it worked until last weekend when the doping agency revealed evidence so overwhelming they stripped him of his titles. see what travis tygart told scott pelley last week. >> and when you tested for them in 2005 -- >> all six were flaming positive. >> flaming positive. >> flames positive. >> reporter: he lost many of his supporters and most of his major sponsors not the mention a chance to ever compete on the world stage again. and yet one of his last public statements on the subject still ended with these words. bottom line, i play by the rules. just how much he'll change his story for oprah winfrey is unclear. so too, are his motives says the editor of bike ling magazine peter flax.
7:50 am
>> it's the right decision for him to make, yes, but it's really late and a lot of damage has been done that an apology and confession on "oprah" is not going to come back. >> reporter: an apology might help the image of his cancer charity, livestrong. he's already stepped down from its board. but even a limited confession might also lead some including the u.s. postal service to sue him for fraud. >> it's not going to make everything better again on friday morning. >> reporter: but there is a chance at redemption you think by doing this. >> it's the only chance of redemption. >> reporter: armstrong once said he was done talking about his past. he now seems to believe his future legacy depends on change of heart. for "cbs this morning," i'm lee cowan in new york. >> you know, the question is why did he decide do this now, but on cbs "60 minutes sports," that was a powerful interview.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego with your cbs 5 headlines. one person was hurt in an apartment fire in berkeley overnight. flames broke out at one of the units at the complex on acton street around midnight. a man suffered smoke inhalation and burns to the arms. tickets are still available to see [ indiscernible ] speak in pleasanton tonight. the 83-year-old is a holocaust survivor, also anne frank's stepsister. frank's father married eva's mother at the en of the war. stay with us, traffic and weather coming up.
7:56 am
good morning. look at this. traffic is jammed up right now heading into danville. there's an accident blocking two lanes northbound 680.
7:57 am
it's right there approaching el pintado. southbound jammed solid from walnut creek. give yourself some extra time. elsewhere a live look at the nimitz 880 at oakland okay past the coliseum approaching 98 we have an accident blocking a lane. and caltrain is tweeting about delays 5 to 10 minutes late, otherwise other mass transit is on time. >> starting out very cold around the bay area this morning if you are headed out the door. grab a jacket. you will probably need it toward the afternoon. it is freezing though. but beautiful clear skies all the way to the coastline looking back towards san francisco from oakland. 27 degrees right now in santa rosa. 34 in livermore. 37 degrees in san jose. likely going to see some widespread frost heading outside. temperatures this afternoon only in the 40s and 50s. warmer weather is on the way almost spring-like by wednesday and thursday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ golden years golden years ♪ good morning, everyone. it is 8:00 a.m. and welcome back to "cbs this morning." nearly every state in the union is now dealing with a flu emergency. we'll show you how urgent it's becoming in parts of the couldn't. plus, last night golden globe award winners. including the best actors who nearly quit his award-winning role. we'll go backstage with nancy o'dell. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> there's good news in california. the number of flu case is minimal. >> the number of flu cases is epidemic. >> 47 states now have widespread flu outbreaks. the only states that don't are california, mississippi, and hawaii. >> after the president's news conference they will discuss the gun control issue. >> the only issue to me is the
8:00 am
size of the magazines. >> the golden globes have a reputation for memorable moments. >> a special guest. that was hillary clinton's husband. the l.a. coroner's office is releasing a new report on natalie wood's death, saying it may not have been an accident. what are the key things in this report raising new questions? >> the bruises are more consistent with either being restrained during a struggle. >> lance armstrong has denied being a cheater. this morning he'll tell oprah within friday the truth. >> a lot of damage has been done that an apology oprah won't take back. ann hackett way, you gave a stunning performance in "les miserables." i have not seen someone so totally alone and abandoned like that since you were onstage with james franco at the oscars.
8:01 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. health officials say the nationwide flu outbreak has reached epidemic proportions. there's been a dramatic rise in cases and flu-related deaths. the centers for disease control reports widespread flu outbreaks in 47 of the 50 states. demand for flu vaccines are high and supply is running low. new york's governor declared a public health emergency over the weekend. some 20,000 flu cases have been reported in new york, five times as many as last year. former secretary of state colin powell is making some of his strongest comments yet about the republican party. on "meet the press" yesterday the retired general pointed to what he calls a dark bane of intolerance. >> i think the republican party right now is having an identity problem. i'm still a republican, but in recent years there's been a significant shift to the right, and we have seen what that shift has produced to losing presidential campaigns. i think what the republican party needs to do now is take a
8:02 am
very hard look at itself and understand that the country has changed. the country is changing demographically, and if the republican party does not change along with the demographic, they're going to be in trouble. >> the general made some those similar comments to us on "cbs this morning" about the rise in hispanics and the changing demographics. he's one of several republicans who are addressing this. >> it's interesting. it comes from people of all parts of the party saying we have to redefine who we are and what our message is about. >> let's see if they get that message. president obama goes to the capitol next week for his second inauguration. they're already rehearsing the scene. a stand-in took a mock oath of office on sunday on the front steps of the capitol. the inauguration is january 21st, one week from today, but the president will take the oath in private the day before. that's because the constitution requires that the president be sworn in on january 20th. the health of former
8:03 am
president george h.w. bush is getting better and his son jeb says mr. bush could be back at home as soon as today. the 41st president has been hospitalized sit november due to bronchitis. a family spokesman says we're hopeful that the president can be discharged this coming week but we're still taking everything one day at a time. and the duchess of cambridge is also feeling better. and officials announced prince william and kate's first baby is due in july. the duchess was hospitalized last month for severe morning sickness but she has resumed her royal schedule. >> that is good news. and queen elizabeth kept her cool in spite of car trouble. her bentley failed to start as she was leaving church. she was seen laughing and pointing to her chauffeur. the bentley runs on biofuel and is rumored to cost about $16 million. it finally sputtered to life on the seventh try.
8:04 am
>> gayle, this is not my line but how's your bentley. >> seems to be doing okay. thank you for asking. and your butler is doing well too? >> general motors says the corvette in nine years is also environmentally-friendly. gm unveiled the stingray on sunday at the detroit auto show. it's the most fuel-efficient corvette ever getting 26 miles per gallon and goes from 0 to 60 in less than four seconds. the sticker price, around $50,000. >> and officials in beijing, china are telling drivers to leave their cars at home because of extreme air pollution. heavy smog blanketed the city over the weekend as poor air quality set a new record. people in beijing are seen wearing face masks everywhere they go. particles in the air could trigger breathing problems. the plus could stick around until wednesday. this sounds like a plot for a reality show. for the first time ever,
8:05 am
ordinary people are taking part in a contest in florida hunting exotic burmese pythons. as anna werner shows us, the idea of using rookies came from the pros. >> reporter: alligator ron bergeron's family has called the everglades home for more than a century. >> i've been on this island for about 65 years. you know, when you spend your whole life in the environment, you learn every square inch of the beautiful everglades. >> reporter: these fields of saw grass and marshy woods are also home to 68 threatend or endangered species. birds, hundreds of alligators, and something you can't see, tens of thousands of burmese pythons. the snakes are foreign predators devouring the native animals that belong here. they can eat bears, you say, even panthers? deer?
8:06 am
>> deer, hogs, and smaller animals. >> reporter: which is why on saturday the state of florida kicked off what it calls the python challenge. a month-long snake hunt with prizes for those who catch and kill pythons. 1,000 people have signed up, most of them amateurs like sean and kate hicks of georgia. >> we have zero experience, zero hunting experience, and i've never killed anything ever. we'll see. i don't know. >> reporter: sean heard about the challenge and signed up as a christmas present for his wife. >> we brought a big 18-inch machete, knife. so -- >> reporter: do you know how to use it? >> no, never used it in my life. i assume i swing it real hard. report officials admit the snakes can be dangerous and inexperienced hunters need to be cautious.
8:07 am
>> you don't want the animals to wraparound your torso. snakes and prefers they get caught and not killed. >> we have to live in the real world. the real world is there's not enough places to take and send these animals that would be safe. >> reporter: the hunt will not eliminate the python problem but it's a start. professional hunters, these two, bagged three on sunday including this six-footer. even sean and kate hicks found what could be a snake, albeit, a much smaller one. for "cbs this morning," anna werner in the florida everglades. >> norah will we see gayle rushing down to the everglades for this? >> you're look at someone who drinks shirley temple drinks. i'm thinking what could go wrong. i love the guy who said i did it as a christmas present for my wife. does he love his wife? is that a sign of love? >> i just have to say as a
8:08 am
regular viewer of the show poor pythons. >> that's a charlie rose line. >> i imagine this. 1.5 billion people with a "b" watching one man. we'll take a look back at a famous elvis presley concert from 40 years ago. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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8:13 am
kathryn bigelow was nominated tonight. [ cheers and applause ] i haven't really been following the controversy over "zero dark thirty," but when it comes to torture, i trust the lady who spent three years married to james cameron. [ laughter ] >> james cameron is sitting at home saying, hey, that's not funny. >> exactly. >> those guys were great hosts, both of them. they were really on point and not really mean-spirited. >> yeah. a lot of las vegas casino money is heading across the pacific. we'll tell you how sin city is betting the bank on macau next on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. next on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by capella university. ersity understands er wait times are longer than ever.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
let's try that began. the gambling industry is doubling down on macau. last year casinos in that chinese city took in a record $38 billion and as bill wit ter reports, another gambling hub is getting in on the deal. >> reporter: it looks like las vegas. the glitter, the glamor the gambling, but macau is no vegas, baby. >> macau as a market will jen raid more gaming revenue by a factor of 4 minnesotaet 5 to five times of nevada. >> reporter: the las vegas original is big. this one on the chinese island
8:18 am
of macau is bigger three times bigger than any casino in las vegas. these luxury shops, the most profitable retail space in the world. >> we move about 137,000 people through here a day. >> reporter: a day. >> a day. two months ago son las vegas executives came through and arided on a sunday evening around one of the executives looked at me and said we weren't this busy on new year's eve. >> reporter: china let them in in 2002. they expect to take in $62 billion from gambling compared to $13 billion in nevada. it's enough to put macau on the map and the big screen. >> bond. james bond. >> reporter: not bad for a recently down-on-its-luck portuguese colony off the coast of china. what's going on? >> there's a growing rise in the
8:19 am
wealth. there's an economic boom that's happening in china. >> reporter: mccaw is the only place in china where gambling is legal, a holdover from colonial times. tourists pour in from the mainland. in fact, tourists come from all over asia. not only does macau have a long history, this was built in 1602. but it has a long history with gambling, as late as the 1920s and '30s which was a port colony was known as glamorous and shady sin city full of smugglers and game besler. there's still a shady side. the chinese government just launched a campaign to fight money laundering but mccaw sells itself as family-friendly. if about now you're thinking china has surpassed the u.s. in manufacturing and no this well listen to eric. he and his family now live in
8:20 am
china, but every year he goes back to vegas for a weekend with the guys. >> united states it is a party atmosphere. everybody has great time. here in macau, there's not a lot of cheering when people win and it seems like a business atmosphere here. >> reporter: of course business is why vegas casinos are here. >> we have about $8 billion invested today and we have scheduled another $3.5 billion to $4 billion worth of development in the next couple of years. >> reporter: i'm sitting here listening to this and it's like mindblowing. >> it is. it's an extraordinary business opportunity because it doesn't exist anywhere else. >> reporter: so the sky is the limit. 2.2 billion people live within a five-hour flight of macau. that's the time it takes to fly from new york to los angeles. american casinos operating here are betting macau is only going to get bigger.
8:21 am
for "cbs this morning" i'm bill whitaker in macau. >> that's a good bet. >> a really good bet despite the kerfuffle there. >> a lot of bentleys you could buy there. >> 2.25 million people within a five-hour -- >> it's whaul you call a market. >> exactly. ben affleck took a big gamble. it paid off last night in the golden globes. his movie won best drama and he was named best director. nancy o'dell takes us backstage these
8:22 am
you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen.
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rtment fire in >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. 8:25 your time. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. one person was hurt overnight in an apartment fire in berkeley. flames broke out around midnight at a unit on the 2300 block of acton street. resident suffered smoke inhalation and burns to the arm. none of the others four units were damaged. this afternoon the men accused of killing two oakland girls are scheduled to enter pleas. 15-year-old raquel gerstel and 16-year-old bobbie sartain were shot to death on an east oakland street in november. court documents show diante powell has admitted shooting them antonio edwards charged with accessory to the crime. san francisco public schools are preparing new safety drills for students and teachers. district officials are working with police now to carry out a so-called active shooting
8:25 am
drill for the very first time. in addition to that, police will soon have digital versions of the floor plans of all the schools and those maps will be viewable on their smartphones. by the way, president obama plans to hold a news conference in just a couple of minutes. we'll carry that live here on cbs 5. traffic and weather coming up. stay right there.
8:26 am
aj good morning.
8:27 am
if you ride mass transit, caltrain up to 20-minute delays right now systemwide after earlier problems. all other mass transit is on time. elsewhere look at 680 in the east bay. it's a mess from walnut creek down to danville. it's because of an earlier accident northbound 680 approaching stone valley. delays northbound and southbound. the nimitz a little sluggish past the coliseum because of an earlier accident near 98 off on the shoulder. here's lawrence. >> a lot of sunshine out there now. we are going to need every bit of it. it's very cold to start off the day overlooking san jose clear. temperatures chilly in spots 37 in san jose. 27 degrees right now in santa rosa. 34 in livermore. this afternoon, highs only in the 40s and 50s. warmer days on the horizon almost spring-like by midweek.
8:28 am
8:29 am
this historic elvis presley concert was 40 years ago today. elvis aloha hawaii was shown live on satellite around the world. 1.5 billion people watched it around the world. that's still believed to be the largest tv audience ever to watch a single performer. good morning. welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time to show you the headlines from around the globe. the "hartford courant" says they're deciding what to do with sandy hook elementary school. a gunman, as you know opened fire one month ago today killing 20 children and six staff members. some want it torn down. others want it renovated. "the wall street journal"
8:30 am
says the temporary cut in social spending ran out on january 1st. they have less to spend and retailers say it threatens to drag down economic growth. "usa today" says more americans are working much later in life. the number of workers at 75 and older has skyrocketed to more than 75%. they're not just doing it for money. some people just love their jobs. >> we know what they mean don't they? >> we really do. we really do. "the washington post" reports tlans armstrong is apologizing to people in the cycling community. before his interview today on "oprah" as in winfrey, armstrong is going to admit to using performance-enhancing drugs. what i know about this story is it all came together within the past week and oprah pulled what you did in college, all-nighters getting ready. whatever lance has soto say, she's
8:31 am
certainly prepared. >> it airs on thursday. >> thursday, yeah. >> the question is why now? >> why is he doing it now, right. and "the new york times" says the world introduced girl power. other people dominating the night were jodie foster and lena dunham who won two golden globes for her hbo series "girls." >> she was at the red carpet and backstage. she's at the e.t. studio this morning. tell us what the stars told you. nancy, can i say you look great for someone who's been up all night. >> you are sweet, you're my friend. i swept for about one hour. i'm still in my gown. it's not a comfortable night gown. >> many people had a good nine especially ben affleck. many people including myself were so happy for him.
8:32 am
>> me too. i had to tell him backstage. as you know ben took home two statutes for his thriller "argo," including one for the best director and one was made more special because just last week he did not receive an oscar nomination for directing, which surprised so many people. but the globe sure loved him and they showed him that and i'm sure ben is one happy man this morning. a sweet kiss for his wife jennifer garner and a sincere compliment for his fellow nominees. backstage the honor was sinking in. >> it feels really exciting. i didn't think i was going to win anything. you know, look, i don't care what the show is or what they're giving you, when you're there and see steven spielberg and others who are great legends, it's incredibly daunting. when they read my name out, i thought, is this right? and he told me and my new co-host rob marciano he didn't feel snubbed. >> it was such a great morning
8:33 am
for me. we got seven oscar nominations including best picture that bruce directed and acted in and i wasn't going, wait a minute why didn't they give this toe me for this. i with us going, thank you. >> hugh jackman was so thrilled he treated us with a song "here we are backstage right-before your eyes" hue credits his wife deborah lee for not quitting the film before it started. ♪ who am i ♪ >> i just had a bad day at rehearsals and all i kept hearing is all the great people. i thought i'm going to do them a favor and get out of the play now and she took me off the ledge. >> the award goes to daniel day-lewis. >> he was honored at our 16th president. >> it is a self-evident truth that things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. >> how daunting is that saying
8:34 am
i'm going go in playing brayabraham lincoln lincoln. >> it's so daunting that essentially you find every excuse not do it for a while, which is what i did for about seven years and then you run out of excuses. you go to work and luckily it's the work that rescues you from ourselves, otherwise you literally would be paralyzed. ♪ >> and another one, adele can now add a golden globe to her six emmys. >> this is special because this is not from my field. meryl streep has these, daniel day-lewis has these. i have one now. >> you have one now, too, adele. hey, nan circle it's hard to manch
8:35 am
this is a cbs news special report. i'm scott pelley. good morning. president obama has called the white house press corps to the east room for his first news conference of the year. it comes just six days before he begins his second and final term. that term is beginning the same way the first one ended, with a battle over the budget and raising the debt ceiling. so the federal government can borrow money that it needs to pay its bills. the deadline for that is coming up late next month. another issue sure to be raised today is gun violence. vice president biden was assigned to come up with recommendations for cushing gun violence after the deadly school shooting in connecticut. he will be delivering those recommendations to the president tomorrow. right now, our chief white house correspondent, major garrett is in the east room as we await the president. major, what do you expect? >> scott the president will open up with remarks about three to five minutes about the debt ceiling. it's an issue that's been with
8:36 am
the president throughout his presidency. he's worked with congress four times to raise it the first time with the stimulus law in 2009, but this time, the president said he has no intention of negotiating with republicans in congress about whether to raise the debt ceiling, saying it's their obligation, not his. another issue clearly to come up will be gun violence. the vice president, joe biden, presents his recommendations based on his task force meetings with the president tomorrow. and maybe the chuck hagel nomination, though which not beleaguered, has developed momentum on capitol hill. those three issues, scott, likely to dominate today's press conference. >> major, thank you very much. six days before inauguration day for the president and it has been exactly one month since that unimaginable tragedy at newtown, connecticut. the vice president has spent the last several days talking to various constituent groups about gun violence in this country, mental health professionals, the national rifle association, antigun groups, and he has been formulating a recommendation to the president.
8:37 am
that recommendation will be presented to the president tomorrow. we understand that it will include a number of things which include a ban on high-capacity magazines, those large clips that can be put into guns that carry as many as 30 or 100 rounds of ammunition at a time. at the same time the president will be going to the senate soon to ask for confirmation of his new team his new national security team in particular, the secretaries of state and the secretary of defense. and mr. obama has also nominated a new treasury secretary. that is jack lew who is currently the white house chief of staff. the president nominated jack lew to be treasury secretary last week. and here comes the president of the united states. >> please, have a seat, everybody. good morning. i thought it might make sense to take some questions this week as
8:38 am
my first term comes to an end. it's been a busy and productive four years, and i expect the same for the next four years. i intend to carry out the agenda that i campaigned on, an agenda for new jobs, new opportunity and new security for the middle class. now, right now our economy is growing and our businesses are creating new jobs so we are poised for a good year. if we make smart decisions and sound investments and as long as washington politics don't get in the way of america's progress. as i said on the campaign, one component to growing our economy and broadening opportunity for the middle class is shrinking our deficits in a balanced and responsible way. and for nearly two years now i've been fighting for such a plan, one that would reduce our deficits by $4 trillion over the next decade which would stabilize our debt and our
8:39 am
deficit in a sustainable way for the next decade. that would be enough not only to stop the growth of our debt relative to the size of our economy, but it would make it manageable so it doesn't crowd out the investments we need to make in people and education and job training, science medical research, all the things that help us grow. now, step by step we've made progress toward that goal. over the past two years, i've signed into law about $1.4 trillion in spending cuts. two weeks ago, i signed in a law more than $600 billion in new revenue by making sure the wealthiest americans begin to pay their fair share. when you add the money that we'll save in interest payments on the debt, altogether that adds up to a total of about $2.5 trillion in deficit reduction over the past two years, not counting the $400 billion already saved from winding down the wars in iraq and
8:40 am
afghanistan. so we've made progress. we are moving towards our ultimate goal of getting to a $4 trillion reduction. and there will be more deficit reduction when congress decides what to do about the $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts that have been pushed off until next month. the fact is though we can't finish the job of deficit reduction through spending cuts alone. the cuts we've already made to priorities other than medicare medicaid, social security and defense, mean that we spend on everything from education to public safety less as a share of our economy than has been true for a generation, and that's not a recipe for growth. so, we've got to do more both to stabilize our finances over the medium and long term but also spur more growth in the short
8:41 am
term. now, i've said i'm open to making modest adjustments to programs like medicare to protect them for future generations, and i've also said that we need more revenue through tax reform by closing loopholes in our tax code for the wealthiest americans. if we combine a balanced package of savings from spending on health care and revenues from closing loopholes, we can solve the deficit issue without sacrificing our investments in things like education that are going to help us grow. turns out, the american people agree with me. they listened to an entire year's debate over this issue and they made a clear decision about the approach they prefer. they don't think it's fair for example, to ask a senior to pay more for his or her health care or a scientist to shut down life-saving research so that a multimillionaire investor can pay less in tax rates than a secretary.
8:42 am
they don't think it's smart to protect endless corporate loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthiest americans rather than rebuild our roads and our schools, invest in our workers' skills or help manufacturers bring jobs back to america. so, they want us to get our books in order in a balanced way, where everybody pulls their weight, everyone does their part. that's what i want as well. that's what i've proposed. and we can get it done, but we're going to have to make sure that people are looking at this in a responsible way rather than just through the lens of politics. now, the other congressionally imposed deadline coming up is the so-called debt ceiling, something most americans hadn't even heard of before two years ago. and i want to be clear about this, the debt ceiling is not a question of authorizing more spending. raising the debt ceiling does
8:43 am
not authorize more spending. it simply allows the country to pay for spending that congress has already committed to. these are bills that have already been racked up and we need to pay them. so while i'm willing to compromise and find common ground over how to reduce our deficits, america cannot afford another debate with this congress about whether or not they should pay the bills they've already racked up. if congressional republicans refuse to pay america's bills on time, social security checks and veterans' benefits will be delayed. we might not be able to pay our troops or honor our contracts with small business owners. food inspectors air traffic controllers, specialists who track down loose nuclear materials wouldn't get their paychecks. investors around the world will ask if the united states of america is in fact, a safe bet.
8:44 am
markets could go haywire, interest rates would spike for anybody who borrows money, every homeowner with a mortgage, every student with a college loan every small business owner who wants to grow and hire. it would be a self-inflicted wound on the economy. it would slow down our growth, might tip us into recession, and ironically, would probably increase our deficit. so, to even entertain the idea of this happening, of the united states of america not paying its bills is irresponsible. it's absurd. as the speaker said two years ago, it would be, and i'm quoting speaker boehner now, "a financial disaster" not only for us but for the worldwide economy. so, we've got to pay our bills, and republicans in congress have two choices here. they can act responsibly and pay america's bills or they can act
8:45 am
irresponsibly and put america through another economic crisis. but they will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the american economy. the financial wellbeing of the american people is not leveraged to be used. the full faith and credit of the united states of america is not a bargaining chip. and they'd better choose quickly because time is running short. the last time republicans in congress even flirted with this idea, our aaa credit rating was downgraded for the first time in our history, our businesses created the fewest jobs of any month in nearly the past three years, and, ironically, the whole fiasco actually added to the deficit. so, it shouldn't be surprising given all this talk that the american people think washington is hurting rather than helping the country at the moment. they see their representatives consumed with partisan
8:46 am
brinksmanship over paying our bills while they overwhelmingly want us to focus on growing the economy and creating more jobs. let's finish this debate. let's give our businesses and the world the certainty that our economy and our reputation are still second to none. we pay our bills, we handle our business, and then we can move on, because america has a lot to do. we've got to create more jobs we've got to boost the wages of those who have work, and we've got to reach for energy independence, we've got to reform our immigration system we've got to give our children the best education possible and we've got to do everything we can to protect them from the horrors of gun violence. and let me say i'm grateful to vice president biden for his work on this issue of gun violence and for his proposals which i'm going to be reviewing today and i will address in the next few days and i intend to vigorously pursue. so, with that i am going to
8:47 am
take some questions and i'm going to start with julie pace of "ap," and i want to congratulate julie for this new, important job. >> thank you very much. >> yeah. >> i wanted to ask about gun violence. today marks the one-year -- or one-month anniversary of the shooting in newtown, which seemed to generate some momentum for reinstating the assault weapons ban, but there's been fresh opposition to that ban from the nra and even harry reid has said that he questions whether it could pass congress. given that how hard will you push for an assault weapons ban, and if one cannot pass congress, what other measures would need to be included in a broad package in order to curve gun violence successfully? >> all right. well, as i said, the vice president and a number of members of my cabinet went through a very thorough process over the last month meeting with a lot of stakeholders in this including the nra listened to proposals from all corners, and they've presented me now with a
8:48 am
list of senseible, common-sense steps that can be taken to make sure that the kinds of violence we saw in newtown doesn't happen again. i'm going to be meeting with the vice president today. i expect to have a fuller presentation later in the week to give people some specifics about what i think we need to do. my starting point is not to worry about the politics. my starting point is to focus on what makes sense, what works, what should we be doing to make sure that our children are safe and that we're reducing the incidents of gun violence. and i think we can do that in a senseible way that comports with the second amendment. and then i think members of congress are going to have to have a debate and examine their own conscience because if in fact and i believe this is true, everybody across party lines was as deeply moved and
8:49 am
saddened as i was by what happened in newtown, then we're going to have to vote based on what we think is best. we're going to have to come up with answers that set politics aside. and that's what i expect congress to do. but what you can count on is that the things that i've said in the past, the belief that we have to have stronger background checks, that we can do a much better job in terms of keeping these magazine clips with high capacity out of the hands of folks who shouldn't have them. an assault weapons band is is meaningful. those are the things i continue to think make sense. will all of them get through this congress? i don't know but what's upper most in my mind is making sure that i'm honest with the american people and with members
8:50 am
of congress about what i think will work, what i think is something that will make a difference, and to repeat what i've said earlier, if there is a step that we can take that will save even one child from what happened in newtown, we should take that step. [ inaudible question ] >> i'll present the details later in the week. chuck todd, nbc. >> thank you, sir. as you know, senate democrat harry reid sent you a letter begging you, essentially, to take, consider some sort of executive action on this debt ceiling issue. i know you've said you're not negotiating on it. your administration has ruled out the various ideas that have been out there, the 14th amendment, but just this morning, one of the house democratic leaders, jim clyburn asked you to use the 14th amendment, and even said sometimes that's what it takes. he brought up the emancipation
8:51 am
proclamation saying it took executive action when congress wouldn't act and he compared the debt ceiling to that. so are you considering a plan "b"? and if not, why not? >> well, chuck, the issue here is whether or not america pays its bills. we are not a deadbeat nation. and so, there's a very simple solution to this -- congress authorizes us to pay our bills. now, if the house and the senate want to give me the authority so that they don't have to take these tough votes, if they want to put the responsibility on me to raise the debt ceiling, i'll happily take it. mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate, had a proposal like that last year,
8:52 am
and i'm happy to accept it. but if they want to keep this responsibility, then they need to go ahead and get it done. and you know there are no magic tricks here. there are no loopholes. there are no you know easy outs. this is a matter of congress authorizes spending. they order me to spend. they tell me, you need to fund our defense department at such and such a level you need to send out social security checks, you need to make sure that you're paying to care for our veterans. they lay all this out for me. and because they have the spending power. and so i am required by law to go ahead and pay these bills. separately, they also have to authorize the raising of the debt ceiling in order to make sure that those bills are paid.
8:53 am
and so, what congress can't do is tell me to spend "x" and then say, but we're not going to give you the authority to go ahead and pay the bills. and i just want to repeat because i think sometimes the american people understandably aren't following all the debates here in washington -- raising the debt ceiling does not authorize us to spend more. all it does is say that america will pay its bills, and we are not a deadbeat nation. and the consequences of us not paying our bills, as i outlined in my opening statement, would be disastrous. so, i understand the impulse to try to get around this in a simple way but there is one way to get around this. there's one way to deal with it and that is for congress to authorize me to pay for those
8:54 am
items of spending that they have already authorized. and you know, the notion that republicans in the house or maybe some felons the senate would suggest that in order for us to get our way on our spending priorities that we would risk the full faith and credit of the united states that i think is not what the founders intended, that's not how i think most americans think our democracy should work. you know they've got a point of view view, democrats in congress have a point of view. they need to sit down and work out a compromise. [ inaudible question ] >> yeah. >> and if then you're not negotiating on the debt ceiling. >> mm-hmm, yeah. >> so if you're not negotiating
8:55 am
and they say you have to negotiate and you're not looking to plan "b," you're going to wait it out -- [ inaudible ] >> well look chuck there's a pretty straight-forward way of doing this and that is to set the debt ceiling aside. we pay our bills and then we have a vigorous debate about how we're going to do further deficit reduction in a balanced way. keep in mind that what we've heard from some republicans in both the house and the senate is that they will only increase the debt ceiling by the amount of spending cuts that they're able to push through. and in order to replace the automatic spending cuts to sequester, that's $1.2 trillion. say it takes another trillion or $1.2 trillion to get us through
8:56 am
one more year. they'd have to identify $2.5 trillion in cuts just to get the debt ceiling extended to next year. $2.5 trillion. they can't even -- congress has not been able to identify $1.2 trillion in cuts that they're happy with because these same republicans say they don't want to cut defense. they claim that they don't want to gut medicare or harm the vulnerable, but the truth of the matter is is that you can't meet their own criteria without drastically cutting medicare or having an impact on medicaid or affecting our defense spending. so the math just doesn't add up. now, here's what would work. what would work would be for us to say we've already done close to $2 trillion in deficit reduction, and if you add the
8:57 am
interest that we won't be paying because of less spending and increased revenue, it adds up to about $2.5 trillion. the consensus is, we need about $4 trillion to stabilize our debt and our deficit, which means we need about $1.5 trillion more. the package that i offered to speaker boehner before we -- before the new year would achieve that. we were actually fairly close in terms of arriving at that number. so, if the goal is to make sure that we are being responsible about our debt and our deficit, if that's the conversation we're having, i'm happy to have that conversation. and by closing some additional loopholes through tax reform which speaker boehner has acknowledged can raise money in a senseible way and by doing some additional cuts, including making sure that we are reducing our health care spending, which
8:58 am
is the main driver of our deficits, we can arrive at a package that gets this thing done. i'm happy to have that conversation. what i will not do is to have that negotiation with a gun at the head of the american people the threat that unless we get our way, unless you gut medicare or medicaid or, you know otherwise slash things that the american people don't believe should be slashed, that we're going to threaten to wreck the entire economy. that is not how historically this has been done that's not how we're going to do it this time. [ inaudible question ] >> chuck what i'm saying to you is that there is no simpler solution no ready credible solution other than congress either give me the authority to raise the debt ceiling or
8:59 am
exercise the responsibility that they have kept for themselves and raise the debt ceiling because this is about paying your bills. everybody here understands this. i mean this is not a complicated concept. you don't go out to dinner and then, you know eat all you want and then leave without paying the check. and if you do you're breaking the law. and congress should think about it the same way that the american people do. you don't -- now, if congress wants to have a debate about maybe we shouldn't go out to dinner next time maybe we should go to a more modest restaurant, that's fine. that's the debate that we should have but you don't say, in order for me to control my appetites, i'm going to not

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